Since the beginning of the 21st century, even the Netherlands has seen a boost in Free Tours. Cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and Rotterdam have had enthousiastic locals guiding expats, Dutchies and tourists around for years. Den Bosch Free Tours aims to offer the same experience to everyone interested in Den Bosch. We not only organise a bi-monthly historical walking tour, we also offer cycling tours, theme tours, food tours and pub crawls.

The guide
On fire!Hi, I’m Cora and I’m the founder and guide of Den Bosch Free Tours. For years, I hoped someone in Den Bosch would get the same idea and start a free tour. And after years of waiting, it seemed like nothing had changed. In the summer of 2017, I decided that if no-one else was going to do it, I would. As a historian, researching the history of Den Bosch wasn’t too difficult. But Free Tours are more than history alone, it’s about the culture, the people and the atmosphere as well. On october 1st, the first ever Den Bosch Free Tour took place. The fact that so many people showed up, motivated me to keep up this positive vibe and continue doing these tours.

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