The sagging of the Cathedral

One thing Den Bosch is known for is the Sint-Janskathedraal (Saint John's Cathedral). The first foundations were laid around 1380. The swampy soil in swamp dragon Den Bosch has always caused many problems during construction. Every time a piece of the cathedral was built, it sank into the swampy ground. The builders didn't know what... Continue Reading →

The City of Many Faces: Swamp Dragon

The Free Tour only takes two and a half hours, and that’s not nearly long enough to cover all the interesting stories, legends and myths surrounding the Den Bosch. In this blogpost, I’ll try to explain one of the many historical (nick)names of city. Today, we’ll talk about the name the city earned during the... Continue Reading →

Wooden shoes and poplars

Wooden shoes (or clogs) and the Netherlands are often associated with each other. The rows of poplars are characteristic of the landscape in the Meierij of 's-Hertogenbosch. What do these two characteristic elements have to do with each other? Poplars in Brabant Poplars have not always been part of the landscape in Brabant.Since the mid-15th... Continue Reading →

De Peel and De Kempen

Before, we blogged about De Meierij of 's-Hertogenbosch. We briefly mentioned two other areas in Brabant: De Kempen and De Peel. Since all three areas are in Brabant and they overlap on a number of points, it is not always clear to indicate in which area you grew up or live in. Many Brabanders do not even know what the... Continue Reading →

De Meierij of ‘s-Hertogenbosch

After reading one of our previous blogs on "The rest of Brabant", you now know what Brabant is and how the provincial borders originated. There is still a certain degree of division - or competition if you like - within Brabant: do you come from "De Peel", "De Kempen" or "De Meierij"? Den Bosch is... Continue Reading →

A Story of Belief and Friendship

Eveybody believes in something. People believe the earth is flat, or round, others believe in God, or The Big Bang. The Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Blessed Lady started with the mutual belief in in God, purgatory and hell. Let me tell you a story. It sounds like a fairy tale, but this one really happened.... Continue Reading →

The Celebration of Carnival

After reading the previous blog on carnival FAQ you probably think carnival is all fun and games. Think again! Carnival in Oeteldonk is serious business... at least to some Bosschenaren. When and where is carnival? First of all, you need to know when and where carnival takes place. This year (2018) the official carnival celebration... Continue Reading →

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