Theme Tours

World War II Tour
This 2 hour tour covers every aspect of the Second World War, both in the Netherlands in general and Den Bosch in particular. A guide will take you to many interesting sights, such as the WWII Memorial, the Holocaust Memorial, Marienburg and severel Stolpersteine. You’ll learn about the occupation, the resistance and every day life during the war.
The WWII tour is a must for everyone intersted in recent history.

Bike Tours
If you want to discover more of Den Bosch, a bike tour might be the thing for you. Right now, we offer two different options. The first is a bike tour around Den Bosch, which takes you to several fortresses on the biggest defensive line in The Netherlands: De Zuiderwaterlinie. This tour takes roughly 3 hours
The second option takes you to Vught, the stunning village next to Den Bosch, home to many villas but also to the concentration camp. The tour also stops at Fortress Isabella, Maurick Castle and the Willem I military base. This tour takes roughly 4 hours.

The Urban Legend Tour takes you directly to Hellegat (Hellhole)

Urban Legend Tour
On the Urban Legend Tour, a guide will take you through Den Bosch by night. The tour takes 2 hours and covers stories such as the wherewolves in Vught, the Witch Trials of the 16th century, the legend of Mary and the swamp around the city.

The Urban Legend Tour is an excellent way to get to know more about the dark side of Den Bosch, and learn about stories you won’t find in a history book!

Medieval Tour
In medieval times, Den Bosch was the second largest city of the Northern Netherlands. Founded in 1185, the city knows an extensive history of trade, warfare and the city’s vibrant urban life. The guide will take you to several monastaries and convents, and a medieval city palace. We’ll also visit Dieske, the Dutch version of Manneken Pis. 
If you’re interested in finding out more about the most important period of the city, and if you want take the road less traveled, this is the way to go!

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